Part 1: Photo Foundations


Get ready for a fun, action-packed photography camp. We’re so excited to meet you and see all the great photos you take. Below you'll find an outline of what to expect of Camp Canon.

Each session will include an interactive online Zoom class with tips & tricks on how to be an awesome photographer plus photo challenges created by your Camp Leader.

Everything you need will be shared with you and your fellow campers in your Zoom. You can use your computer or smartphone to login to each Zoom  session, which will last about 60 minutes. Be five minutes early if you can, and make sure you have Zoom downloaded in advance of Camp so it’s easy to login when Camp begins!

After each session ends, you'll spend 1-2 hours having fun with your camera and shooting photos to share with the group in the next session.

You'll be uploading your photos to a Google Drive folder with your name on it, which will be provided to you by your Camp Leader on Day 1. Make sure to upload your final photos at least 6 hours before the start of the next Zoom session so we have time to take a peek.

This Camp is all about learning how to use real cameras which are able to do so much more than your smartphone (sorry, smartphone photography will not be included in this course!), so please make sure you bring a functional digital camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) to Camp. You’ll also need a memory card for your camera and a way to transfer images from your camera to a computer or mobile device.



Session 1: Why Photography? 

What we’ll do: Many of the best moments in life are captured through photos. Let’s take a look at a brief history of photography and its importance in the world. Then we’ll share what we love about photos and what it takes to be a great photographer. 

This week’s challenge: Take 20-30 photos of something you feel a close connection to. Anything from a pet, family member, personal possession, etc. Choose 1-2 of your favourite shots and upload them to your folder to share in tomorrow’s session. 

 Session 2: Freezing Time

What we’ll do:  Let’s start by sharing and discussing Camper photos from last week's challenge! Then we’ll show you how cameras can basically give you superpowers, like the ability to freeze time and see things others can’t. We’ll explore the shutter priority settings on your camera and other settings that will make your photos look superhuman.

This week’s challenge: Find some fast-moving subjects (like a runner, skateboarder, etc.) and take at least 30 photos of your subject using the techniques you learned in your session. Then upload your two favourite photos of subjects frozen in time.  

Session 3: Slowing...Time...Down

What we’ll do:  Let’s start by sharing and discussing Camper photos from last week's challenge! To continue on yesterday’s challenge, we’ll explore more artistic techniques that let you show subjects in motion using long exposures and other tricks that will take your photos to the next level.

This week's challenge:  Find some fast-moving subjects (bouncing ball, animal, bike etc) and use the long exposure techniques learned in your session to create motion in the photo.. Shoot 10 or more photos and upload your favourite two to your folder. 

Session 4: We Are Family

What we’ll do:  Let’s start by sharing and discussing Camper photos from last week’s challenge!  Then we’ll talk about the importance of capturing moments with the ones you love and learning how to reveal their true nature and the things you see in them through photography.

This week’s challenge: Find a loved one that can spend about 20 minutes with you. Take 40 or more photos from different angles and perspectives. Suggest different poses and give them direction on how you want them to look. Upload your two favourite portraits. Alternatively, you can also take a self-portrait if you prefer.

Session 5: Small Worlds

What we’ll do:  Let’s start by sharing and discussing Camper photos from last week’s challenge! Then we’ll explore the tradition of nature and wildlife photography and how it connects you to the world around you.

This week’s challenge:  This can be done from your window, backyard, or in a nearby park (with parental permission). Take at least 30 photos of nature and/or wildlife like plants, flowers, animals, landscapes, etc. This time, instead of uploading your favourite photos, share and send them to someone you want to inspire or brighten their day.