What are the specific techniques a Camper will learn in these programs?

We’ve developed the Camp to be easy, fun, and as technical as Campers want it to be. In Photo Foundations, they will learn composition, how to shoot moving objects to freeze action, portraiture, depth of field and manual settings. 

Beyond the Basics is for campers with a good handle on photography basics that are looking to expand their skills by learning lighting, composition techniques, and much more. 

Can a Camper use a smartphone camera in this program? 

Although smartphones are great for snapshots, this Camp is about learning the craft of photography and storytelling. Modern digital cameras are powerful tools that far exceed what’s possible on a smartphone. Campers must have a functional DSLR or Mirrorless camera. If you don’t have a digital camera in the household, click here to see some options that can fit your budget. Once a Canon Camp program is purchased, we’ll email you a discount code to apply to your purchase on the Canon e-store. 

Do Camper’s have to use a Canon camera, or can they use other brands? 

Campers can use any brand of camera they choose as long as it’s a dedicated digital camera (DSLR or Mirrorless). If you don’t have a camera and wish to take advantage of special offers on camera bundles from Canon, click here.

My child is already pretty good at photography, can I sign them up for Beyond the Basics without doing Photo Foundations first?

This camp is for every level of photographer beginner to advanced. More experienced photographers may still benefit from Photo Foundations and the instructors will give them more tailored options for their photo challenges. Campers with a better grasp on photography techniques, however, can enroll in Beyond the Basics without having completed Photo Foundations. 

How many Campers are in each online Zoom session? 

We keep each session to 8-12 Campers to ensure the most optimal interactive environment. 

Are refunds available?

Yes, we will refund 100% of paid fees prior to the start of the Session registered for. 

Do I have to pay anything extra for Zoom or other apps? 

No, Zoom and any other resources for the Camp are no extra charge.

What happens if Campers join their scheduled Zoom session but it does not work? 

Zoom is reliable and stable platform, however there are times when technical issues may occur for Camp Leaders and/or Campers leading to a delayed start or possibly suspension of a scheduled session. Not to worry, in the rare event that technical issue occurs, we will email each parent a link to a recorded Zoom session that contains the content for that day and photo challenge information. If you do not receive an email within 2 hours of your session start time, please contact us. Camp leaders will also spend a few minutes in the subsequent session to ensure Campers are all up to speed on the content.  

I’m trying to ensure my child is safe and practicing social distancing, will they be required to interact with anyone else?

We have built Camp Canon to be completely compatible with social distancing protocols for the safety of your children and our community. Zoom sessions happen in the home and all photo challenges can be completed at home or in your backyard. There is opportunity for Campers to go to a local park under supervision or permission, but it is not mandatory. 

How are instructors vetted? 

We take the quality of our programming seriously and strive to create a nurturing, safe and enjoyable experience for Campers. All instructors who are selected to lead programming are experienced photographers with experience working with small groups and youth. We conduct RCMP criminal record checks on all instructor candidates and train instructors to understand the ethical and legal standards of online and offline communication with youth.