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Our instructors are exciting and extremely knowledgeable. They are all professional creatives who will provide individualized coaching and feedback throughout the program.


To make sure you and your child get the most out of our classes, each session has been limited to no more than 12 attendees.

Limited Spots Available


After each session, there will be an exciting and highly engaging challenge that will be reviewed in the following session. Depending on the attendee, it should take about 1-2 hours to complete each challenge.

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A Picture Perfect Online Program

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Kind Words From Campers and Parents

Learning how my camera works and how to take different kinds of photos has increased my curiosity and confidence in photography.

Ryan P.

Camp Canon allowed my daughter to tap into her creativity and to find a love for photography she didn't realize she had. The instructor was wonderful!

Lydia T.

Camp Canon is the perfect online camp for a child to join. It helped my shy and anxious daughter come out of her shell. I highly recommend Camp Canon!

Ellen Z.



Since 2015 Kishan Mistry has solidified himself as a household name in the Toronto photography scene working in both sports and music. Over the years, Kishan has worked with the likes of TSN, Yahoo Sports Canada, and is now employed by the Major League Baseball organization as a Live Content Creator and graphic designer. 

“My favourite aspect of photography is the idea of storytelling through my photos and the future impact they may have in the years to come. My biggest goal is to pass along this passion to not only inspire the next generation of photographers, but also put them on the right path to succeed.”


Colleen Gara is a wildlife photographer, writer, workshop leader and conservationist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her focus is on Canadian wildlife and she is passionate about photographing animals in their natural surroundings, from the Rocky Mountains to the prairies. Colleen's hope is that her images will help foster a connection between the viewer and her wild subjects, raising awareness to protect both the animals and their natural habitats. Colleen’s photographs have been featured in publications worldwide, including Audubon, Photo Life, Canadian Geographic, Wild Planet Photo and Nature’s Best.


Colin Dougan is a world-travelling, adventure-seeking creator, currently grounded in Alberta. After 5 years experience collaborating with some of the top brands in the industry, Colin has turned the camera around to help educate others.

His content focuses on the importance of storytelling and helping others discover their unique abilities. Combining his experience as an online educator, with a desire for flawless composition, Colin thrives on crafting each frame, to tell the perfect story, seamlessly.

Will O'Hare

Will O’Hare is a professional portrait, documentary, and lifestyle photographer based in Toronto. In his work, Will explores the idea of identity and cultural boundaries through documentary photography and portrait projects, including WO/MAN, which was part of the 2018 Scotiabank Contact Festival at the #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto. His current project, Portraits In Isolation, documents people worldwide, isolating at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Will's work has been seen in Toronto, New York City, London, Italy, London, and Paris, and he has photographed on assignment for clients such as The Commercial Observer, Kerrang! Magazine, Bain & Company, Brooklyn Law School, The Windmill Factory, Ketchum Digital, and Edelman Digital.

Sam Monette

Hi! My name is Sam Monette, and I am a Montreal-based photographer specialized in macro photography, couples and family portraiture. I joined the camp canon family as an instructor to be a part of new learning opportunities to share my knowledge with others through a mutual love of photography. I am a motivated and team-oriented person, and I can't wait to work with my students to achieve their photography goals.

Vince Aragona

I picked up a camera for the first time when I was fifteen.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  What started as a hobby became a field of study in university and ultimately a career.  Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to take my photography around the world.  But no matter where or what I am photographing, my goal is always the same – to capture the inherent beauty of my subject.  From portraits to architecture to landscapes and commercial work, I believe EVERYTHING IS PHOTOGENIC.

Rene Burgos

Rene is an International Photographer who focuses on weddings and portraits, currently based in Vancouver, B.C.

With almost 20 years of experience working as a freelancer, lead photographer, Creative Director and wedding photographer trainer, his career has been constantly inspired by the curiosity to always learn more about photography. His latest goal is to become a full-time instructor at post-secondary institutions.

"I want to spread the spark that ignites the careers of new artists and storytellers."

Archie Sandall

Hey! My name is Archie Sandall and I am a fashion photographer and recent graduate of the photography program at Sheridan College. I started my photographic journey through photographing my friends skateboarding and found my love for fashion along the way which led me into this career. I have been passionate about photography ever since I started and am grateful to have the chance to share that through teaching this camp program. 

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